We already have all we need

It takes me by the mind

Walking in kingdoms that are not mine

Wanting things

That are not useful

As I pine for all

And crave everything

My empty hands grasping

Picking at the stitches

That sew everything together


Moth chewed holes in the fabric

Of the pattern

Leaving trails behind me as I search for what matters

Making excuses


Other uses



The experiences of one life

So shallow

We must return

Again and again

Before it sinks in

A thousand years of information

And we are still useless


Endless pollution

When all we need

Is inside

Already provided

In the Fibonacci spirals

Or out tree trunk minds

10 thoughts on “We already have all we need

  1. Excellent Poem, worth two, three, four re-reads, just to make sure we got the Gist of It! This old man in Alaska, has got his-self down to almost nothing, a little wood & coal for his fire, Spring Water to drink, (Which just froze up on me), one meal a day, no T.V., no micro-wave oven, just a Fridge & freezer, Electric bill below $100…..Lot’s of books, & this lap-top for communication, sitting alone, now that my Lady/Love is gone, entertaining myself, writing, playing eight & twelve tongued drums, & tossing another log in the fire every now and then…..Everything designed for Simplicity……& Good neighbors living by me……Remembering to step outside every morning & thank that old Sun for shinning, gifting us another day of Life on this Good Earth, I live alone, yet I am never really alone, as all of our ancestors stand behind me, guiding me on my way……Happy Solstice! ________________________________

  2. And Karma comes into play here, keep selling that filthy coal to China, and those fires will rage across the land. How much is the Money Earned worth if one cannot plant his crops for the next years want? GREED is BLIND and indifferent to men, it only serves it’s self…..It is the Master & Men it’s servants/slaves, slaves to Desire……

    • I am sitting at our block in the hinterland at the coast – we travelled over yesterday – the difference is mind blowing. Out there all is dry and parched here it is wet and green and the cicadas and birds are so loud. If feel like life is pushing into me from the outside – it’s pretty amazing. We are nothing without nature – it is our medicine, our food our water. The world right now is a very scary place – I hope it is a tipping point into sanity and not a further departure.

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