The middle of the day

I should be writing

Instead the writable words are a jumble

A tangle of chords

And wires

That I know I have to sort out

But have put it aside

The knotted mess

That lies at the back of my mind

Simple words come instead



Mango Sorbet please

Are we going for a swim?

Pass the salt

What do you want for tea?

But nothing of the sort that will neatly fall together

To make a lyrical post

There are sounds

Like traffic in the distance

The fan has developed a rather irritating tick as it rotates around the ceiling

My feet are covered in a fine dusting of sand

Like icing sugar

That sprinkles over the stack of books that I’m currently working my way through

The heat outside steams

Turning lawns brown

And creating darkened sweat patches on shirts that walk by

I watch them from the window

But I’m not going to follow

It’s too hot to be going down to the beach

The middle of the day is sharp



Too many people

I prefer 5am and the quiet morning sea

Only one or two souls about

The pink sky above

Turning white caps

To spun sugar

And foaming sizzling salt

Spreading around my shoulders when I rise from a wave

That has just thrown me through a somersault

Left me gasping

And grinning

Wading out to let another one send me hurtling back in

Why people sleep in and miss it is a mystery

But the middle of the day,

The middle of the day is comfy pillows

Ticking ceiling fans


And an endless supply of cold grapes



I can’t make the words lay down flat upon the page

My thoughts have hit the doldrums

No wind to fill their sails

I’m drifting

My inner ocean


The depths dark and cool

Even the fish have ceased to dart about

What a miracle

To have a quiet mind

At last

8 thoughts on “The middle of the day

    • Haha yes that is what it felt like “emptying the bag of scrabble words” and we are all praying for rain – two cyclones developing higher up – perhaps they will send some rain down south as well – cross fingers in the meantime

  1. Hey A Thousand Bits of Paper, let us do some horse trading, I am at 0 degrees here in Alaska, been that way for over a week, you are over a 100 degrees I suspect, so if we meet halfway we will be a comfy 50 degrees each, Deal? My water has been frozen for a month now & I have to melt snow, 1 bucket of snow equals 1 inch of water, at least we have some snow to melt, that is a blessing…..I am burning a forest to stay 52 degrees in my old log house! I would settle for 36 degrees to get my water back running, (It is Spring Water) Nice to hear from Down Under, Hope it cools off for you soon! George, ________________________________

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