Dealing with Melancholia when it strikes


A lovely word

So many try and avoid it

I can’t

“What’s wrong?” He says

“Nothing” I answer

What else can I say that makes sense?

“Oh you know – it’s just all the sadness of the world weeping into my bones

Like smoke


Worrying over pictures

Imagery consumed

Through newspapers


I could avoid it

But maybe they need it

My prayers

My thoughts

My breath in taking their sadness

My breath out

Sending them peace

And who knows

Who knows where our love ends up

Where our thoughts go

Maybe it isn’t God that sends relief

But thousands of other human souls

Breaking their hearts open



Breathing kindness into the world


It’s easy to be numb


To feel compassion to the point of pain and then close off

Because it hurts

In the end this adds to more problems in the world

I agree – compassion is hard and it hurts but perhaps try

Tonglen meditation.

And link to Pema Chodrin video explaining the practice

It helps to sit with the more difficult things if we can feel like we are not entirely useless

And who knows where our love goes

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20 thoughts on “Dealing with Melancholia when it strikes

  1. I myself am an empath, it’s sometimes very hard to not be melancholic. But one must gather strength and move forward. I read Rumi he always soothes my soul, prayers for this world and those in dire straits.

  2. I was just laying in bed thinking about political sickness and how so many around me are affected. I wondered if anyone is sending Trump thoughts of wisdom and love, everyone needs that, especially those in power. Also thinking about the fires out there in Australia. Hoping you and yours are safe, and that those whos lives have been ravaged can find the strength to rebuild…… many thoughts I had to get up. Beautiful post, Kate. Love and kindness are always the answer, always…..

  3. Heartfelt, Kathryn <3 "To feel compassion to the point of pain" does hurt. Oftentimes, the state of our suffering world brings me to tears. I agree that we should not allow these feelings to close us off. I find self-healing in prayer, meditation, and gardening. As a writer, I use my deep connection with Earth's suffering peoples to give voice to their plight. As a fellow human, I reach out to the other within my space in whatever way I can. A smile alone has the power to make visible again, the invisible people on our streets.

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