My husbands zero waste priceless Christmas gift

When George at Zoolon Audio posted last year that he would accept poems and turn them into fully produced songs, a light went off in my head – perfect priceless Christmas gift for husband.

Brownie points

Wife of the year medals

Possibly even an Australia Day honour (though that was a rank outside chance at best)


What an amazing gift!

To turn words from my heart into a beautiful tune that touched my husbands

Truly brilliant

It could all have gone wrong

But not in George’s talented hands

George took my (very long) poem

Plucked the essence out of it

Poured it into a new vessel

And gave it back to me

There was great joy in the giving as I sent him the song on Christmas morning then stepped back like a proud mama to watch his reaction

He loved it.

Check it out here

And again a massive thanks to George at Zoolon Audio for making this happen.

29 thoughts on “My husbands zero waste priceless Christmas gift

  1. Your words are so beautiful and this song is so soothing. Priceless, indeed! I subscribed to the YouTube channel and look forward to listening to this on repeat. ❤😉

  2. Pretty sure that gift is good for a lifetime of foot rubs, just sayin 😉
    Jase and I listened, I on my heating pad, him lifting weights, back to our routine now that all the kiddos have flown the coup.
    What at exceptional gift Kate 🙂

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