Getting out of our own way – the law of attraction

I stuff up the law of attraction all the time


Oh by asking for something

Feeling how amazing it would be to receive it

Visualise myself receiving it

And then just when I have it all going right …

I assure the universe it will be okay if I don’t get it

I’ll be fine

Don’t mind me

I’ll look after myself

Which is a tendency I have recognised permeating my entire life

I rarely ask for help

And in the rare event that I do

If there is any moment of pause at all

I jump in quickly, assure the person not to worry

I’ll be fine

I’ll take care of it myself

It’s a recent thing this realisation however

Of exactly how flawed my processes are

I’m still not sure how to work my way around it

I see the same thing in many strong women (and men) I know

Is it any wonder we live lives less than our full potential?

Less than the full potential of what we could have?

Is it fear of loss of control?


Is it a sense of “I don’t deserve this”?

Is it fear that asking for this means we will have to give something and it could be anything…

Is it fear of magic

Is it an engrained cynical sense of disbelief

Is it fear of our light – how do we handle it so it doesn’t shine too much, glare in other people’s faces

The thing is

I’m done with these old modes of behaviour

I’m getting older

There is suddenly this very real deadline (literally)on how much I can achieve

Finally my dreamy procrastinating voice is silent

There is no time

Not one wasted day

And I need help and damn it if every other Abraham Hicks following peanut can gain assistance then I am stepping up to the door


Excuse me Universe…sorry to trouble you


No that is the wrong approach

Yo! Baby let’s do this!

Yes better…

Still working on it

Updates version with solution ..

So this is a post that has sitting in my drafts for a long time. Not because the blocking issue has gone away but because now I have a cure to it – it’s worth posting.

As explained by a very dynamic woman on the week-end. When the law of attraction is not working it so because your core beliefs are not in alignment with what you are expecting,

Eg I expect to receive $20,000 by Friday

Yeah right

Or I believe in abundance

When your core belief is that you believe in scarcity

And I knew this – I had been working on my core beliefs but the only thing I had discovered is that they were out of alignment

Not how to fix it

If you believe the sky is red

Even if people are telling you – it is blue it is blue it is blue

Then to you

The sky is red

But what if someone came up one day stood beside you and let you tell them what your belief is

Without judgement or train to change your mind

The relief of actually being able to state your belief

Let it out

Get it out

And then that someone said – see here’s the thing

You are obviously seeing this in a different light to others

The way you see things is

Blue becomes red to you

But what is colour anyway

It is just a name

The sky is still the sky

Who gives a toss what colour you call it

And then

Just like that your whole problem with colours disappeared – because you realised it was a perception issue

Not a truth

It is the same with core beliefs

They are perception issues

Not truths

But deep down we still feel them as truths

Our truths


Tapping EFT

This is working for me and more than that it is thriving for me

Perhaps I was ready

Perhaps I already knew all the crap I had to fix and that is why it is working so fast

But it’s working

See thoughts are echos and some thoughts are very persistent echos

So you have a thought

“I am a failure”

And you shove it down because hey that is negative and we can’t be negative can we no…

But you shove it down and it echos down there

And what it does is (when it is combined with all the other persistent echos like “I think that sunspot might be a melanoma”, “I don’t think I am good at this” “I don’t think I’m loveable” “I hate my thighs” ” oh shit I’m going to go broke” “there is never enough…” whatever is down there

You get this low level shouting in your system that is so damn toxic and they become echos that form your core belief.

Right so stop smothering them

That’s not working so well is it?

If you’re like me you are waking up already worried

Get a book and write them down.

Get as close to the echo as you can

Bring it into one word








Now we take one issue and tap – I’m not an expert here so I will leave the links and book at the bottom of the page and you go do your own research

I’m saying it works

So why this works is we bring the echos to the surface

And the more we look at them

And tap (the tapping breaks the circuit – it breaks the connections in the brain – once it is broken – you can form a new one that is more positive – break the old then form a new – yes it is backed by science this stuff works)

The tapping (on certain acupuncture points) releases the feelings associated to the thought – when you have the feelings down to a low level response

And have released the emotional impact of the thought

Then you reframe

My brain is already reframing as I’m tapping because I’ve done the work on the surface I know how stupid some of these thoughts are and how they have no basis in truth

I just needed to hear them – call them out for the internal bullies they are – and then when you see them standing there – bits of junk from your childhood, beliefs that your five year old you may have formed

Well it becomes very easy to deal with them

I’m a complex person

I have a lot going on at any given time in my head

I tap in the morning

And at night

Slowly working through my inner echos

I only started two days ago and already I am fixing physical aches in my body where I swear I must have carried emotional baggage

Actual people in my life are disappearing

I don’t know if martians have beamed them up or what

I’m just not bumping into them anymore in my head or in person

Cravings for food are disappearing because I literally used to eat my feelings

Yesterday I forgot to eat after breakfast

Until tea time

I don’t forget to eat

It’s quite incredible and Sally (Thibault) who spoke at the women’s summit that I attended and I bought her book – has so many amazing stories of recovery and careers suddenly taking off, weight falling away, cravings disappearing etc etc

If you google you will find other resources but Sally is not only trained she lives and breathes this solution and is so light and dynamic in person that she inspires everyone to try it too.

Our thoughts create our lives

And most of us don’t even take the time to listen to them

Honour those sad and fearful echos. They are like children trapped forever in a twilight zone. Little ghosts of who we used to be and all our painful junk. You will not move forward lightly and truthfully with those voices continuing to mutter

Do some research and check it out.

Tap man tap – I am loving it.

14 thoughts on “Getting out of our own way – the law of attraction

  1. I’ve done that tapping, EFT. Dr. Mercola talks about it. Might have to get the book. I do yoga but I haven’t been consistently. It works IF you do it. Nice post. The thing about Time. I’m just wasting it right now, not writing. Or maybe it’s NOT wasted, maybe I’m gathering and hoarding creativity. Who knows….

    • Absolutely – there is a gathering – we panic when we aren’t writing but it is just because we are gathering. If you try and write now you will write crap – you know when you’re good to go because you can’t stop 😊

  2. Excellent post 🙂 Today I’ve been chewing on something I heard recently “you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.” It’s certainly bringing some sludge to the surface.

    • It’s everyone Lily – you have to look to what you actually believe. Get a pen and paper out and write what you want and then beside write all the reasons you doubt it might happen. You have to see the truth of you belief first and acknowledge why it is there – I could get to that bit but not past it – the tapping really helps me and once the reaction is lower then I reframe it – might take a little while but until you shift your internal structure you won’t be able to shift your external reality

  3. Great post – I think it might work for some as it seems to be very meditative, and if it works then why not? 😊

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