Rocky Road – a recipe

If I have a claim to fame cooking wise it’s my Rocky Road

I make it at Easter

Sometimes at Christmas

Here is how

Marshmallows – packet – chopped

Chopped Lollies (snakes are easiest) – packet full

Flaked almonds – small packet

Chocolate melts – more then you think because thick choc is better then thin choc and it holds together nicely – I use around 1 1/2 packets each time ( I do two batches usually)

Frys Turkish delight – at least one bar per batch – don’t bother making Rocky Road without Turkish delight – it is the game changer ingredient


Cut everything up except the choc Melts

Melt the choc melts – I use the microwave – turn the power down to half and keep an eye on it and stir intermittently

Can also use a double boiler method on the stove top

Pour the melted choc over the top of the chopped sweets

Work fast to mix and then flatten out on a pan lined with baking paper and pop in the fridge

Cut it up when it is set

Try not to eat too much or you will be sick

Give it away as fast as possible – pictures on my Instagram stories today if you’re interested

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