The lady behind her shop counter

Attached to me

Like incense on my clothes

Her brave face

Her soft eyes


Despite the world falling in

And the carpet we are standing on


*There are no cases of Corona here in town. We are hours away from other towns. Shop owners are stuck behind a rock and a hard place.

If they close they will have no sales, and they cannot afford to do that – margins are slim as it is.

If they don’t close they could catch the virus.

As I said – there aren’t any reported cases here at the moment.

So I went and had more chats to shop owners yesterday and bought a few things. I can’t do much but I’m a sympathetic ear and a smile.

This is such a hard squeeze – the fine line between destroying economies and destroying lives.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

14 thoughts on “The lady behind her shop counter

  1. It is tough on businesses but choosing between economies or lives should be
    quite clear.
    Nothing is easy now, nowhere. The whole world affected.

  2. Our small town is taking curbside ordering starting Monday. You email in your order and a credit card and they shop and bring it out to the curb.

    • Yeah I know Widds – I’m staying home and planting for now. We have had a lot of huge shocks to our small pocket of economy in a very short time this week. It breaks my heart how many friends are affected but me getting sick or worse spreading it would be dreadful so … planting (the local nursery is delivering)

      • Planting is good. 🙂 … keeping connected to the earth is probably the sanest thing we can do now. We’re preparing our gardens now too. 🙂

  3. Like you I live a 45 minute drive from town (which I haven’t been to in 3 weeks as I have asthma). Our small local store is open, people are taking proper precautions. Our county has no reported cases. I’m free to roam everywhere outside, I consider myself lucky as many people can’t. (we live on a mountain top) nearest neighbor is a quarter kilometer down the road. Be safe, take care everyone. 🤗❤️>virtual ones are safe. 😁

    • If there is one thing this virus has really bought home to me it is “I am so blessed and lucky” essentials only and home today. Our nursery lady is delivering stock – I’m going to be knee deep in nature and plants for the foreseeable future.

    • We are all reeling from the implications of shut downs and restrictions – I dare say by the end of the week they may close and put as many of their wares on line as they can. I had my last hunt for awhile through the grocery store – only went back because himself said he needed chips and more biscuits and junk food 😳 himself has the metabolism of a greyhound – I on the other hand have a Labradors so avoid buying crap. But now that it is here and getting colder I may have to store it someplace I can’t find – which is difficult – my tastebuds have a damn good memory 😂

      • Those boys and their metabolism! Well, Jase’s sleeping meds make him sleep eat. One evening I startled awake because it felt as if my messy bun had a nest of bugs……..Only to hear Jase beside me “honey, don’t move, you knocked over an entire box of rice crispies.” Me: WTF Jase, I was sleeping, this is my bed, not a buffet!” Oh Kate, I could tell ya some stories about the carnage I wake up to each day.

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