Undress, unpack – relax you’ve arrived – here you are – here you really are.

As the words tumble out

Try to catch




Revealing ramble

Shutter the eyes

Draw the curtains

Let them run around the ribs


Instead of disclosing

The heart


To be less human

Place barriers

Stand back

Apply armour

Like the lipstick that you use to ring your mouth




Be cool

I can’t

It’s too hard

I love a great deal


Too much messily

And if nothing else

I give full permission to others

“Go ahead break down right in front of me”

I won’t think you are weak

Instead I will applaud your bravery

I’m messy too

We’ve got this

Let the rest drop

It’s too heavy

Just carry on

Say what you mean

And let the reality carry you further

Out of this too tight skin

*it takes bravery to be naked, emotionally.

Either that, or a complete lack of care as priorities are rearranged in light of something shocking – grief makes us curl up in a hospital corner and sob.

Shattered by the loss of a loved one in an accident – someone collapses screaming.

In airports – we see people sometimes – faces streaming with tears

As strangers walking amongst strangers

Sometimes it’s easier when you’re sad

To be alone

Or amongst strangers

I don’t know why that should be so

But it is easier to be sad and alone

Then letting it show with people we know

Which is why depression and suicide are such a shock to others

But I thought they were fine

Funniest person I knew!

Always smiling

Mind you

It’s easy to be happy and real

Friends high on life roar with laughter – forgetting they are in public

So deeply entwined and in sync with each other

They bring quirks of smiles to others around them

Fans at a music concert sing louder and louder. Instantly bonding with complete strangers – not because they are high or drunk (though they might be) but because they are all moved together.

When we are moved together and all the normal falls out the window – it can be scary or it can be amazing

Why do people fear the mob?

Because the mob is mighty

It’s all about how you use it and tune in to those around us:

Right now a microscopic virus is bringing human kind to its knees –

But we’ve got this

Social distancing

Personal hygiene

This shouldn’t even be an issue let alone a global melt down

But it is – because we are not moving collectively

Humans greatest power and weakness is the herd


Let’s use it as a power

Look after your local business community – en masse

Imagine …

Stop saving for the retirement and the great personal dream

As some are finding out – you may not live it

Live for just this next six months and give to those around you generously instead if you can



Whatever you can do

Do it

Check on the elderly

Have a chat at a safe distance

Over the fence

A wave through the window

Loving notes shoved in the mailbox

Morning tea? Lunch? Get takeaway from your local cafes (ours are only open for takeaway)

Think madder – bigger – outside the box

Be bigger


Take up space and use it to help others

Find a bunch of mates and book out the vacant local motel for a night and then play (safely socially distanced games) in the car park

While you’re at it

All get takeaway from a local restaurant

Wear gloves and masks – be safe – but still play games, dance 1.5m apart

Take photos

This is history going down

Think around this virus – really put it in perspective

It has a tiny brain

And as far as we know

No heart

We are so much bigger than this if we use ours at full capacity

Order online from your local shops

We internet shop anyway

Do it locally

Yes I’m telling you – buy the damn shoes Susan, order takeaway and stay at home

This isn’t hard – in fact it’s mostly what we have been doing

In a world where pre virus everyone was shutting down and retreating into the internet

Now suddenly we want to go out doors and everyone play together



What we can’t have is what we suddenly crave

And after this is over

We will never take gathering in great numbers at

the beach, the pub, the restaurant, walking into a local shop and being able to touch the textures and chat

Dropping our kids off at school

Hugging our elders and visiting them whenever we want

We will never take these things for granted again

The photo of this girl – this girl herself – how beautiful! I downloaded it from Unsplash.

11 thoughts on “Undress, unpack – relax you’ve arrived – here you are – here you really are.

  1. Striking photo and perfectly penned words 🙂 This virus does have a tiny brain for sure! There are things in life that can never be predicted or planned for. Make adjustments and live with reckless abandon within 6 feet of others hahaha!
    I hope people near you are taking precautions. Out here in the states people are behaving like buffoons. oh boy I could go on a rant!

    • It began like that here but after Monday everyone got a bit more somber. Seeing those lines around the block for unemployment benefits – that was shocking. More to come I would say. We are lucky to have great safety nets in this country – I shudder to think of what happens in other countries where this is not basic healthcare and social security entitlements to buffer times like these

  2. It’s liberating to realize that our recent vacation in South India opened my eyes to so many of the ideas you mentioned to lead my own life more productively while. not avoid being emotionally distanced amidst a crowd. I’ve reflected for two months about this topic in my Word Press blog.

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