Floating in Time

Days blur

Weeks spin

Tell me

Where exactly are we

April 2020?

Who counted us to here

Who started us from there

Who commenced to write

This is the year of…

An ancient Roman

A Druid

A seer from the future

Who knew it

Didn’t really matter

Time takes over

And it all adds up to nothing

In the end

Our histories

Are all personal

We weren’t here way back when

Calendars began

Or before then

When there weren’t even men

And we won’t be here when this world ends

I hope


We are just another bunch of people history forgot

Are we not

All just


11 thoughts on “Floating in Time

  1. Oohhhhhh that’s a deep one Katey. Love it. “Is“ is now! 😘

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  2. The universe has existed for four billion years and has about seven billion…and yet….we are only allotted three score years and ten, seems a little miserly to me.

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