What we leave unsaid

It’s the ghosts of words unspoken

Like shadows in the corner

They crawl out further

As each hour passes

And I dwell in that


The things I should have said


I let them pass

With heavy thoughts

And a sigh

I didn’t know what words to use

And the time to use them

Completely passed me by


It’s gone

So the ghosts live on

Reminding me

I should have tried harder




If feelings could be simply lifted

Torn strips


From one heart to another…



Instead we must load them with

Appropriate words

So over burdened

They flutter

To the ground

Some weighed down

Drowned before they are even uttered

Still the ghosts creep

It’s been a year

The odd thing is

They will think I don’t care

When it is the very opposite idea


I cared too much

To drop a bit of fluff

A well worn line

Used a thousand times

Gathered somewhere in every card they threw out eventually

Along with dried dead flowers

And all the remainders

Of a lifetime now over

That’s not what my thoughts were about

Those condolences


Grieving things

They were –

Oh who cares now really

(Except me)

The time has past

Why does their echo

So outlast

The event

Because I didn’t send them out to comfort

Instead they loll about

Waiting for the time to come

When they will make it further than the tip of my tongue

The place just behind my heart

A deep



Where love can eventually flow


By the ghostly dread

Of those meaningful words which I should not have left


*what we do not do, the actions that we fail to take become part of our negative space – they never go away. Instead they become like ghostly weights.

Trite – that foul word

Regret – another

“Should have” – two evil twins that will haunt forever

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