Smokey Split Pea and Cauliflower Soup

My favourite soup when I was a child was Dads Ham and Pea soup

Dad didn’t cook much but he liked to and he had his specialities

Fried Rice

Ham and Pea Soup

Cold Meat Curry

Always a tasty cook too – he added his “special sauces”

Ham and bacon bones are not my deal these day’s and offer nothing in the way of nutrition

But that smell of Smokey Soup cooking and the the thick creamy broth spells winter and comfort

So I adapted it and staying in line with simple, fast and nutritious I use my Insta pot to cook it all in

I come out of the office – throw everything into the pot – set it

Come back to my lunch (and dinner – there is plenty of leftovers) cooked


1/2 cauliflower chopped

1/2 a red onion chopped

1 cup yellow split peas

3 tblsp nutritional yeast

1 cap full (tsp) liquid smoke

2 cups Vege stock

1/2 cup water


A spoon of Dulse flakes on top

25 min in the insta pot more than cooks this down to a delicious mushy soup

If you like your soups thinner add more stock/water

If you want potatoes instead of cauliflower, I’ve done that it works beautifully

A lot of people think Cauliflower is a poor cousin in terms of nutrition because it is white

Not true

Dulse is my favourite seaweed and it’s packed with nutrients – I sprinkle it on salads and veges and add it to just about everything savoury

Also a good source of iron and many other nutrients
And the wonderful Nutritional Yeast and it’s very important B12 amongst other benefits

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  1. I like your piece but guess what? I didn’t read it… I love many things except when they have cauliflowers in them and wondering if this is the right feeling and also to make you laugh

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