I think therefore I am – I think

It is winter

I shall don my jumper

Eat warming foods

Because in winter

That is what I do

The sun is rising

So too shall I

A cup of coffee

Check the news

These daily things

Are what makes I …I

The news is full of racism

And riots

I’m not a racist

I vehemently deny it

I am appalled at what has happened to George Floyd

I take my coffee without sugar

Have done for years

I don’t think about it

As I make a cup

Just the way I like it

Don’t consider

For a minute


Anything about it

Digging deeper

Why do I drink it like this?

I just do

Haven’t thought about racism


As it pertains to I or you

Didn’t think I was – never have been

Yet what other patterns lay deeply submerged

Where I can’t see them

A history of a country

All that came before I

How I was raised

What was taught to I

I haven’t thought about any of this for awhile

What do you subconsciously believe I?

Are you milky white?

Clean as clean?

Let’s dig a little deeper

See what any of this means

For me

I don’t hate and I’m not mean

But that’s not what racism truly is

That’s what hatred is

Racism is thinking about someone according to their skin colour and ethnicity – it’s about pigeonholing

It’s about blindly stereotyping

It’s about segregation of thought according to where someone is from

What they look like

It’s books and covers

It’s subtle

It’s deep

Racism is so much more than we think

And we need to think about it

A hell of a lot more than we think

*And it’s not just racism – it’s wherever we collectively group people – gays, lesbians, trans, females, males, species –

Because plural lacks the subtlety, the humanity, the soul

Of singular

Up close

12 thoughts on “I think therefore I am – I think

  1. Well it’s heartbreaking. I am pretty sure this guy got a bad deal — though I don’t like rushing to judgment for even someone as seemingly reprehensible as this cop. And all this rioting and burning. That is heartbreaking, too. Nobody would defend the way IT SEEMS that cop behaved. I don’t know, though, if there is any other information we don’t have — I am in no way defending this cop if it turns out he did what he did — but the people who called 911 said this guy was drunk (and on drugs), and it appears paying with counterfeit money? It appears he was also on meth and fentanyl intoxication. Plus heart problems. Did that figure in to his death? Does his behavior –both the drugs and the counterfeit thing — figure in AT ALL in the responsibility for this? I’ll bet if he wasn’t drunk, on drugs and/or passing counterfeit money (and nobody reports if he actually did this), he’d also be alive today. So the “systemic” problems we need to address are more than just police brutality — though that needs attention — unions preventing them being fired?? He had 17 complaints apparently. so there is a lot to address here and it’s not JUST the police. And this looting and burning is not just about race–it’s a progressive activism thing, too. Paid organizers. So it’s a mess. And there is never an honest conversation. And it’s so sad…

    • Always several sides to any story Lynn and always has been but the difference is now people have a piece of video footage in front of them that has a man on the ground for 8 minutes pleading for his breath. Whoever he was and whatever came before it doesn’t matter because the way the situation was handled is wrong and when I watch it my heart tells me it is wrong.

  2. And most of this happens in liberal run cities like this one. So why don’t they fix it if they have all the answers? I don’t know. But I can tell you the news is not addressing any of the real hard questions — it’s all political crap instead.

    • So much to this story. The poverty and desperation – tensions and undercurrents. It’s frightening to watch though. I don’t think anyone has any answers or none they are brave enough to stand up and systematically put in place. The media as usual – everywhere – is using photos and video and interviews that gives them the slant on the issue they want.

  3. Thoughtful and quietly searching post, Kate. I can understand Lynnfay73 comments above. The hyperbole, rhetoric and tribal pronouncements take over and free expression gives way to shame for daring utter any comments that conflict with the media narrative. That demented cop did not deserve to be in any position of power and the video demonstrated what an ugly and heartless individual he was. Further information has come to light which indicates that they both worked at the same night club as bouncers,so there was a high likelihood that they knew each other and there was some personal animosity between them. Which doesn’t excuse the cops abuse of power. My point is it wasn’t a racist issue, but a personal issue and the media and other interested groups have used it for their own agendas. Part of your poem queried, is hatred against another person for their actions racism or is just hatred i.e. you’re not hating the person for their skin colour, but for their actions. Interesting times, Kate.

    • Hi Len – as you probably know, George Floyd’s family is horrified by the looting and violence saying that this is certainly not what George wanted. But that is life – and as we know, things like this get manipulated into whatever agenda people want to use it for. There is a lot going on at once – poverty, harsh economic outlook, fears of contagion and so many deaths. Misery, fear, rage, the melting pot of darkness is on the boil and plenty of people would prefer to drink from it then a nice cup of warming love and light. I don’t know where it will end but I’m deeply grateful for the safety and normalcy of my little corner of the world.

  4. Indeed an honest introspective look into ones self isn’t always “black or white” no pun intended. I will never feel what a person goes through in their life, however I can acknowledge the wrongs.

    • There are so many perceptions that we place on things mostly unconsciously – just pays to have a bit of a good look inside, for me at least and ensure I’m being the best version of me I can be I guess.

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