A mournful tune

The gap in the window allowed the wind an aria.

I’ve been playing with digital art as I would love to create a small poetry volume accompanied by my own art one day. I’m very rusty but loving the creativity.

It’s cool the way different art forms – painting, writing, drawing, photography etc all lead to the same place


7 thoughts on “A mournful tune

    • Haha no it’s just an abstract window paying an abstract tune_ still got a long way to go to create art the way I used to, funny how you fall out of the habit and your hands just go “I don’t comprehend” plus working with a digital pen and screen is way different to ink and paper. But it’s fun and addictive.

      • Yeah and then you can save them easily to insert into documents – I would love to create a little poetry/art book one day so that’s where my Inspro is coming from – just have to practice like crazy first 🤓

      • What a great idea! If you do create such then you will eventually have to adopt it into some form of tablet friendly multimedia file and then you can intersperse some of the poems that have been put to music! 😉

  1. I love the mixed colors of this piece, and the many different ways it can be interpreted! Your use of the word ‘aria’ made me smile. 🙂

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