Go lightly, Be kind

There is plenty

“Out there”

That you should take seriously


“In here”


Carry a bowl of blue butterflies in your chest

Throw your head back


Watch them join the pieces of the sky

From whence they fell

We’re just not that important

Let that knowledge free your mind

Go lightly

Be kind

*and of course I’m talking to myself – it’s been an intense week of work and events on the world stage have also been occupying my mind.

Time to let go of the things which I cannot control and take care of the things I can

Have a lovely week-end all and stay safe.

12 thoughts on “Go lightly, Be kind

  1. This is so lovely! Yes about the butterflies ❤️ and yes, definitely release what you cannot control, set up/ take action where you want (or can), then release the other👌

    • Thanks Kellie – I tend to get wound up about things – a side effect of being passionate and sensitive – Nut knowing when to let go and take myself a little less seriously is the lesson under this big full moon I think. Have a great week-end

  2. A bowl of blue butterflies 🦋…Got it. Those of us that feel deeply keep a lot within. And when you release “it”, the love and wisdom wrapped in its intensity lands on others who understand it and use it. 💚

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