Protein balls that taste like Lindt chocolate….

I bought some wickedly good Vegan friendly spreads yesterday

They were so good and so decadent that I wanted to create a recipe that was at least half way healthy so I could indulge without a massive dose of guilt

So – I just added a few healthy ingredients but don’t kid yourself – these things will still go straight to your thighs. Yes the Pana chocolate and cashew caramel are no added refined sugar etc etc but they are still nutritionally, calorie and healthy fat wise – wicked

But there is wicked good and wicked bad

These are wicked good

Enough chit chat


4 tblsp oats

1 tblsp plain protein powder

1 tblsp pumpkin seeds

1 heaped tablespoon of hemp seeds

3 tblsp of any mix of the Pana spreads above – I haven’t tried the Biscoff one yet (other than a teaspoon straight from the jar and yes it’s yummy too) so recipes for that are pending

Blend, roll in coconut and try not to scoff all of them in one sitting – actually they are pretty rich so I only had two (so far) and whatever was left in the bowl

Delicious 😋

14 thoughts on “Protein balls that taste like Lindt chocolate….

  1. Sounds very tempting, Kate 🙂 Love the way you say, “these things will still go straight to your thighs.” In my struggle to lose weight, my thighs have been the most resistant to change. Sigh.

    • A common problem Rosaliene, mine are the same. Running helps, they are shrinking but a week-end spent cooking and eating can set me back so I’m careful – these are treats only, hate the way a lot of health food companies market protein balls as “healthy” which they are but they are also loaded with such nutrition density that it’s easy to over indulge.

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