Tofu breakfast scramble with the life changing black salt

Black salt isn’t black – it’s red and it hales from India – it has a beautiful sulphuric taste – use it in this and you get eggs that taste so real that you would fool a chook

If they are eggs – which they don’t so..poor analogy…moving on;

Black salt is one of those game changing ingredients for vegan cooking

Google it – I got mine from Salt Box in Australia, ordered online as I’m in a rural area – elsewhere you could probably get it in a deli or health store

This is the recipe for my Tofu scramble


1/2 tsp garlic salt

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp tumeric

1 tsp black salt

Half block organic Australian (it’s the best) tofu crumbled

Mix and fry in olive oil

That’s it. Enjoy – it’s yummy.

On the plate I also have cherry tomatos from the garden chopped with a little onion and cooked in olive oil

A huge clump of spinach and garden herbs which disappeared to nothing 😂

Chopped avocado 🥑

And some fried up mushrooms

This plate is full of protein and vitamins and will make you feel energised and light after eating it

Steve tested the tofu scramble (under pressure) and declared it “better than I thought, actually nice – yeah that really tastes like good scrambled eggs”

He ate bacon real free range of course eggs and sausages for breakfast

We both had tea

Tea and coffee is where we both meet and smile 😊 love conquers all dietary differences 😂 need that on a T-shirt.

Have a lovely Sunday no matter what your dietary preference ❤️❤️

Ps leftovers of this? Add some capers and a little vegan mayo and it makes an awesome sandwich or roll filler – wrap in a lettuce leaf – endless options

6 thoughts on “Tofu breakfast scramble with the life changing black salt

  1. Being fond of Indian cuisine, i can well understand, the taste of black salt! I was surprised when I heard about it for the first time, but I still remember the salty taste that superficially melted and made by normal fruit salad the very best. I started using it in several fresh drinks too . Its healthy and affordable. I am glad, this smallest ingredient grabbed your attention and made you write so well.

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