Tofu quiche – easy version

I miss quiche

I used to love eggs and now that I have black salt and home grown zucchini’s to use up I thought I would give a vegan version a try

I found this recipe at Minimalist Baker (heaps of awesome recipes there I might add)

And then changed the veges and the base to suit what I had in the fridge and lessen the time frame


A delicious savoury quiche

Don’t go into this expecting a tofu quiche to taste like the egg version – same texture, different taste – not worse, just different

That said – a very nice savoury pie that is full of nutrition and protein

I made the following modifications to the above recipe

Instead of the hash brown base – I used a sheet of Vegan friendly puff pastry

I used roasted pumpkin plus asparagus (because I needed to use some up) and a small zucchini grated along with the leeks etc that were used in the MB recipe

I added 1 tsp black salt – think it would have been better with 2 tsp but you can always sprinkle a little extra on top which is what I did.

I added a 1/2 tsp of turmeric for the yellow colouring

What I especially about blogs like the Minimalist Baker is that under the recipe are comments that have everyone’s results, what they thought and where they changed ingredients and what not.

When you are the only vegan in the house it can be difficult to muster the enthusiasm to make more time intensive recipes

That’s why I didn’t make the hash brown base and subbed in vegan puff pastry instead – it took me 2 seconds vs 20 minutes.

If I was cooking for two or more than I would go to the trouble but for just me, I’m happy with the pastry.

I roasted the pumpkins but it cooked in the air fryer and was done in the ten minutes it took to cook the leeks etc and make the tofu mix. I love the air fryer – so quick.

Meal prep wise there are at least four good servings to tuck away in the freezer or fridge for lunch for the week. That said I haven’t tried freezing it but I’m pretty sure you could.

Note – don’t bother freezing – this tastes even better the next day and I ate two pieces for breakfast – this won’t take long to get through 😋

Oh I’m sorry – are you still looking for the recipe? I just added my modifications on the post. The recipe is on the minimalist baker website – her quiche looks a lot better than mine too – better food photography! I was way too hungry to take many pictures.

11 thoughts on “Tofu quiche – easy version

  1. This looks great! Fellow blogger, K.L. Hale recommended it after I posted my egg-less tofu salad sandwich recipe on!

    Just to double-check, should I use firm or silken tofu for this quiche?

    • Hi! I’m ducking over to your blog to check yours out too – silken tofu and squeeze the water out well. You can use any veges too but the black salt is the killer ingredient – it makes the whole thing taste far more eggy.

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