Growing up and out growing

In your head

I live in a small box

You keep the lid closed

Rarely checking

Am I still there?

Have I outgrown the confines of your mind?

And what you believe me capable of?

The thing is

With your small box

And me

We are defeated even before we begin

Because the answer to your question is always the same

As long as I remain

Part of your small compartmentalised brain

Then again,

Quantum mechanics suggests

Several alternatives

For the box

The *cat

And questions

Am I dead?


Changed from how you see me

It doesn’t matter

Because when you open the box

I’m not there

I’m here

And just like Houdini

I’ve escaped from the chains of your perception

*how we are perceived by others should not in any way effect our personal growth and abilities yet sometimes, when people are sensitive to the opinions and judgement (no matter how ignorant or unjust) of close family and friends – it can literally stop a person in their tracks for fear of failure and criticism.

Don’t let it do that to you. You don’t live in a box in someone else’s head. Instead you are adrift in a sea of limitless potential – stay there and thrive.

*the cat I am referring to is of course Shrodingers Cat – a brief explanation here in case you are not familiar with the experiment often referred to as a paradox.

26 thoughts on “Growing up and out growing

  1. Ah, I just posted about Schrodiger’s cat in my Tim Allen post. I love physics. Fascinating stuff. And your post– as always– seems to come at a time I most need it…

    • Haha thanks Katy 😂 I think cats are perfect for this little thought experiment as they are always up to something and remain outside of what humans think they are capable of.

  2. You’ve done it again my friend. So perfectly penned 💚 I have felt like the cat in the box. And what could’ve killed me, or perhaps what others thought should’ve killed me, was their perception. Too simple an analogy as I totally understand what you’re writing. And our perceptions change so much. Or they should as we grow? The one experiencing it vs the one observing? We can see two different things.
    ~Interestingly, aside from physics, I had leaned on some philosophical quotes during my meditation at the same time you posted this. “You will never be able to experience everything, So, please, do poetical justice to your soul and simply experience yourself.” ~ Albert Camus. I was using his quote about “human race” literally the same time you posted on IG. 💚 strange? I think not.

    • I love that quote! Everything is constantly changing, I can see why the brain filters things so that we only notice a tiny portion of what is going on and that is according to what we are focusing on at any given time. There is so much! Sometimes it feels overwhelming. I’m studying at the moment and just want to immerse myself for hours in what I’m doing but I can’t. I tend to be like that – always plunging deeply into whatever it is I’m doing unfortunately whole worlds can slide by while I’m immersed and I don’t realise until I come up for air. I miss things. I miss what other people need me to notice. It’s very frustrating, so I’m trying to balance everything out. Again. Will try and pull in some meditation practice again, I need space around my “bubbles” of focus. It amazes me though how we think people remain the same, how people think we remain the same. Treat everyone like they are new and fresh every day, treat ourselves the same way too. 🌱

  3. Right on the button, as usual, Kate. Seems like a lot of people are imprisoning themselves in their own little boxes at the moment, and can’t break out.

  4. great poem! it’s absolutely lovely, so insightful and valuable! thank you for sharing💞

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍

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