Loaded Vegan Pizza

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be eating pizza with avocado on it I would have laughed

Now I’m an addict

I eat variations of this pizza once a week


Pizza base

Tomato paste


Baby spinach

Roast pumpkin

Red onion (missing from the video but it was on the pizza and is a must!)

Cherry tomatoes

Olives (also missing from the video because I’m clearly not good at this and writers and poets can be further reassured that this isn’t a foodie blog even if it is beginning to resemble one 🧐

Tofurky Italian herb sausages (optional I don’t always use this)

Bio Cheese shreds – there are lots of different vegan cheeses – I don’t mind this one though I often make my own. Handy for when you don’t have any home made.

Dollops of pesto



It’s delicious!

Here’s the rather dodgy video 😊

Loaded Vegan Pizza 🌱

I cooked mine in my air fryer – that’s why it is on that wire rack – took about ten minutes and was perfectly cooked – the air fryer is amazing. This also cooks well in the bbq on a pizza stone.

Toppings ideas

Eggplant (pre grilled)

Hommus – just bung it isn’t here somewhere midway

Balsamic vinegar drizzle sauce after it is finished cooking

Garlic aioli – blend veganaise with some garlic powder – there you go. Drizzle over the top

Chilli sauce or jalapeños – not both unless you’re a masochist who likes to burn your mouth and sinus

That’s just a few ideas – go nuts – even use nuts if you want – some pine nuts or a few roasted cashews for crunch ..

Have a lovely day ❤️🌱

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  1. This post made me miss eating pizza straight from the brick oven ❤❤❤

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