The holding

How much can you hold

How much love







How much can you hold instead of spending it all

Until you are broke

You put wishes out and you reel them in

But you don’t believe them

So they’re gone

Over the side again

And still

You keep on fishing

And wishing

Not realizing

That the hole inside is swallowing you up

And if you can’t learn to hold it?




As we

Give up

*I heard something recently that hit with such resonance that it kept vibrating through me for several minutes.

I could net get it out of my head

Still can’t

That question

How much can you hold?

There is a dissonance that occurs when we suddenly get what we truly desire

If it happens before we are ready or believe in ourselves

Then self sabotage is one way in which we create a plug hole

Get rid of it

Get rid of it the brain says

Because we are not aligned

With our desire

So therefore it cannot stay inside of us

Does this make sense?

It immediately did to me so I will try to explain it further because I is important

Ever seen a relationship where one person doesn’t believe their luck?

So they wreck it and then live with regret forever?

Ever heard of the Lotto Winners curse?

When someone wins millions of dollars and then within twelve months, a year, all the money is gone?

We lose weight – we put I back on

We are given something precious but ..

We don’t believe we are worthy

Even though it may be our greatest wish

A man/woman works hard but he still doesn’t think he is worthy so he spends all his money on crap instead of holding this thing he deserves

But his brain – listening to his subconscious doesn’t agree with


It sounds woohoo but I’m just saying if you’re wishing out of one hand

Make sure the other one is truly ready to receive and can hold it

Or it will be gone

Align yourself inside

Believe you are worthy

If you don’t then do the work in there at the same time am you are showing up in the world and creating wealth

In here and out there have to match

Or here’s the catch

You won’t be able to hold it

When it comes in – the cash, the love, the whatever it is you want

Ask yourself this question

How long can I hold this?

How long can I sit with cash in the bank and not spend it?

On investments

On anything

Just let it sit until you are sure that the urge to spend

Is done so with the right intention

And not merely to soothe the dissonance

I ask myself daily this question and I feel myself pulling into alignment

Which is good

Because there are some hella big wishes I am sending out into the universe right now

And they are all coming true

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