Your horse, your ride

Forgive me

I thought you were making a mistake

Seen from the outside

It sometimes appears the case

I forget

We are all given

Our internal guide

Who knows best



People offer advice sometimes

On what seems to suit them best

I forgot.






I retreat


Whatever horse your choose

It’s yours

Enjoy the ride

*parenting is difficult. First rule of Buddhism …or maybe just life I’m sure whoever sent us mutters it sometimes

14 thoughts on “Your horse, your ride

  1. Great thoughts. That internal voice can definitely get us in difficult situations! It’s best to learn from mistakes. It’s easier then to rise up from them in experience, as eob2 said above. Excellent piece here!

  2. My comments on yesterdays post still don;t show but I want you to know that it touched me – it was beautiful!
    And … how’s things with your publishing deal?? 🙂

    • Hi! Oh why don’t they show? Will have to go check. Thankyou for the heads up thought things have been quiet the last couple of day’s. Yes working my way through stacks of information. I thought getting the deal was the hard part turns out it’s just the start – oh well keep wading 😂

      • Maybe it’s a fault at my end or gremlins in the ether. It seemed to load but then as I scrolled back through my feed later, I noticed no comment. Tried it again and same happened. Frustrating but WP acts up for me sometimes.
        I am confident that you’ll soon wade yourself into a position where you can kick-off and swim!! Hope so and wish you the best of luck with it!!

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