Trampled dandelions

The sound of chewing is loud

Grinding on my nerves


At this close proximity

Between my ears

My mind is eating itself

Swallowing acid

That churns in my guts

Is it the taste of excitement?

Anti climax

The dust has fallen

And now I must clean it up

Before launch day



The floors must be swept

House reordered

And the invisible tinsel

That adorned hopes and wishes

Built into virtual steeples that reaches the ceiling

Is packed away

It’s almost a relief

To return to my skin

This moment

And the scrubbing of tiles in reality

Rather then leaning forward

Toppling into the uncertainty

Of a future holding so many wishes

That the bag gaped open at the bottom

And a few escaped

Trailing white fluff

Trampled dandelions


From that thing I squeezed so hard

It popped

In a few weeks I will have forgotten this


And be building anew

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