Have you ever tried Kayochi?

Tonight I did Kayochi (pronounced however you want)

I breathed so deep that my head began to float

and I moved parts of my muscles I don’t think I have ever had access to

That part between my shoulder blades that has been tense for days,

is now bouncy

My rib cage feels expanded and my lower back is limber again

What is Kayochi?

It’s a form of martial arts (Tai Chi) crossed with yoga

I completely made it up

I was watching a movie – great movie by the way “The Intern”

In it the older character was doing Tai Chi

I thought – God that looks relaxing, I want to do Tai Chi


You can’t learn Tai Chi immediately – I know, I persevered for some time with it a few years back

But I know Yoga, really well

And I know a little Tai Chi

So in my darkened kitchen I basically did whatever the hell I wanted

And I couldn’t get it wrong – because there were no rules

So I couldn’t judge myself

See if I was standing in front of an instructor – it wouldn’t be relaxing, I would be judging myself,

I would be learning

But what about the first man or woman that invented Tai Chi

They were just standing there one day and began to move their body

What about the first man (and we know it was a man) that invented Yoga

Nobody said

“You’re getting it wrong” they just began to move

And others said “hey what are you doing?” to the person moving

And he/she said “I am dreaming of tea”

And the wind caught the words and spun them around

So from then on it was called “Tai Chi”

I was like that – just moving in whatever way my body wanted

and breathing


I did Kayochi for half an hour

And I like it

I like it so much that I am wasting the relaxation by writing this post because I’m excited by the concept of having no rules or judgement and something that is accessible to everyone – the body – but I can go back and do it anytime and I can never get it wrong and in fact I’m going to take it to the beach and the park and somebody is going to ask me one day what I’m doing

And I’ll say Kayochi

And they will say white or black

Sorry I’m rambling, my words are all freed up tooooooooooo

Those extra o’s just got away from me :)) and that is a smile with a double chin..

Anyway I’m going to do it every evening because even in “Yoga” the judgement doesn’t switch off “you need to be more this, bend that, yadah yadah”

Well I don’t get that with Kayochi

I just move

It’s deeply relaxing

We should create more, invent more,

Judge less

and just enjoy



PS if Kayochi is a real word instead of a made-up word I apologize – I didn’t google first and I’m not now and I don’t care because even if it is already a thing – take it from me – they’re doing it wrong, particularly if they are taking lessons.

10 thoughts on “Have you ever tried Kayochi?

  1. I love it! I need to at least get back into my yoga–Dad just made it back home from rehab and a millions appointments, home health people, etc. Did you take movies of yourself doing it? I haven’t looked at your link there. But I definitely need to get something to relax back into my routine. I’ll do it today. I have a beginners strength yoga and relaxation yoga I like. Kino I think her name is. It’s cool you are creating your own thing!

    • I think stretching and moving with focus and intent, deep breathing and coming back into the body is the main thing – how we do it is secondary to just taking that time and paying attention.

  2. Wonderful! In the 1990s when I was living in Brazil, my boss, who was also a Tai Chi master, recommended select movements for freeing up my back muscles following back surgery. They worked!

  3. Hi Kayo-chin 😉
    I love your way of thinking Martial Arts. By the way KAYO means Knockout in boxing slang.
    So Knockout Chi and Kayo-chin could be a “tiny knockout” chin in japanese means little – well what ever.
    I have been doing my own techniques for many years, but have been quiet about it. While its a no go in high level martial arts communities. I have trains and teached for over 45 years as a high level student in karatedo, aikido, Iaido and tai chi quan. And I keep use “student” about my self, while martial art is a life long study. And you will never reach the end of it.
    I am not quiet about it anymore, in fact I love to spread the message. And the best of the art’s don’t care. As long as you know what you are doing.
    Today I mainly perform and teach Qigong, Neigong and Tai Chi Quan – for body, hart, mind and servival. I pic from the best and usefull techniques and from my one developed techniques and forms.
    My student love it, I love it and I will be doing it ontil I must do it in heaven.
    I don’t care what other say, I don’t listen to them anymore. Its about doing what is good for you – period.
    So keep on Kayochi’ing – and I would love to have the honor of see what your Kayochi is.
    My best wishes and deepest respect.

    • Hey lovely to chat and yes I think we forget that all of these styles started in the mind of a human wanting to move in an intuitive way. You have so much knowledge on so many styles – wish I could plug in and download 💫

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