How the bible ended after all

If there was a dearth

A ration


If we were in fact only

Given today our daily word

Just one

Would people use it more wisely

Cut the crap

The obscene obesity and bloating

Over proliferation of vanity

That comes from a society

That doesn’t value words

Would people stop saying amazing

And awesome

And totally

Would they stop going on and on and on

If there was just one

Word allocation

Would they save them up

To deliver a single sentence of power a week

Or would we all get used to the silence instead

Would all the wars end

With no commands given

No egos riven

Would all our dreams come true as actual actions were delivered

Would politicians simply cease to function

Would kids cheer up without the judgements

Would the world fall silent

And begin to heal

Would everyone stop talking

And begin to feel

What they were really thinking

Would thoughts

Which are words

Go unheard by the brain

Would the unconstrained and suddenly perfect body send the senses wild with delight

As it’s messages finally got through without the fight or flight

Caused by thoughts of words turned into emotions that whirl about

And would all the internal commotion

Just settle down

And become a vacuum

Through which melody flowed


But lyrics



Other than heartbeats

And eyes would become so much more

Than peep holes


Would be flung open

And the whole world would read each other

As truth be told through the windows of the soul

And the bible would end


“First there was the word but then the state of the world got so bad God saw fit to take them all away and to each person he gave back just one

And they all agreed the best of them all

Was love”


Author Kate Duff (

4 thoughts on “How the bible ended after all

  1. Yes… my fav lines

    Would everyone stop talking

    And begin to feel

    What they were really thinking

    Than perhaps they would know how another felt. Yes, if everyone only understand love in its purest form, that one word could change the world indeed. 🌎 ✌🏻 ❀️

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