Truth vs False – Desires

We are layers upon layers

of desire

Little desires




Big desires

New home

New Car

You name it

There are always a thousand false desires that mask

The true desires

That wait




Below the surface of all that churning that breeds contagion of more



And when you take away all the false desires

These true desires glow

When you create from the level of true desire and not false

A deep sense of peace

Of purpose

Of guidance and wisdom sets in

And that’s ultimately

How you know the difference

*I’ve had all the whims, been pulled in every direction by the quick, easy, drops of dopamine on the brain – what a ride – fun but in the end, very empty which is why many eastern religions and philosophies have given the word desire a bad rap.

But what they really harken to are the false desires that give pleasure and then leave us feeling empty and unfulfilled so we go searching in that toy box again and again and again. Some people spend their entire lives sifting and sorting trying to fill the void, trying to find the source of that annoying alarm that is going off somewhere in the depths of their own being.

They think that it is one of these handy toys that will satisfy it

When really, it is only when you lose all the toys

Lose all the false desires

That your true purpose takes hold and you see it and begin to follow it like the beacon that will lead you to true satisfaction that it is.

That is how you know you are on purpose

No sense of urgency

Just a deep satisfying pull in the right direction

It is sad that just as we are embarking on our lives – turning eighteen, heading out into the world

So to does a plethora of false desires become suddenly available


Eating whatever you want

Doing whatever you want

Buying whatever you want with the money you have earned at that job everyone said you need to have

Is it any wonder that for years, people are lost chasing these one minute, one hour, one-day pleasures and think that these are the answer to the voice that mutters ?

Low level anxiety and that feeling of discomfort that so many acknowledge exists within

The answer is, lose the whims

And go a little deeper

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