Birth of a Badass

I have heard your voices

Come they one




I have bent with the skill of a contortionist

And yet I came to nothing that resonated internally



I’m only tuning in

To one voice now

My own

*There are a great many people with a great many opinions on how one should live

In fact, the less people live their own lives authentically, the more they feel compelled to provide commentary on others

I don’t think that one should blunder blindly and not heed advice but there is a time

For true badassery

It usually appears around the same time that you figure out that, actually you haven’t amounted to much following everyone else’s advice and playing it safe, fitting in


If you’re going to be damned anyway – may as well listen as closely to your own intuition as possible. To hell with the world – they had their turn to create something brilliant out of your life with their wonderful advice

The ultimate definition of a badass? Following your internal voice above all others and living life according to your own set of rules. It’s the only way to achieve anything and if you haven’t already, you should begin immediately – but take your own advice, you don’t need mine ๐Ÿ™‚

9 thoughts on “Birth of a Badass

  1. Oh I love this advice to follow your own voice Kate!
    And the part about authenticity and providing commentary on others is such a good point.

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