Lighting the lamps of the inner sanctum

Lamp glow sanctuary

Rain and wind strike the windows

Making me so very glad I live


Some people shelter

Under bridges

Building awnings

Hollow eyes

A warning

Of how quickly the bottom can drop away

Walking on this earth

We make choices every day

To what we give the pieces of our lives

Our focus


The black to our white

The grey in between

Living in the shadows

Of what could have been

Or learning to appreciate

The fruition of even small dreams

Steps in the right direction

The detection

Of gratitude

Traces scattered

In between

But particularly

Where we walk carefully

Eating the biscuit crumb trail

Of human endeavour

Looking to truth

Or whatever intuition tells us is the right thing to do

Inside, we build our own wombs

Effigy of efforts


No one will see

Yet they raise consciousness higher

Giving birth continually

Creation reflecting on itself

In perpetuity


Wind buffeting the roofs of a thousand people’s homes

Yet they live outside themselves

Sitting on suitcases stuffed full of other people’s clothes




I lift my cup of tea

And say gratefully


To the powers that be

Residing eternally

Inside of me

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