Before the sun

Waking me like the gentle slap of a kittens paw Tapping on my mind Shifting my feet restlessly I move to the kitchen pour coffee and stare at my own reflection in the dark window panes The glass doors are like mirrors black and reflective I ponder a woman sipping coffee in her slippers at […]

Flight or Fight

A bird does not sing in flight. For a bird to sing it must find a branch A stable perch A place to rest and revel in harmony A bird does not sing in flight Because it is concentrating on flying *Poetry is gold wrung from the stones life flings at us. At some point, […]

Loved by a Poet

It isn’t easy People think it might be romantic It is also hard, difficult to decipher and full of land mines, Sink holes that can open up beneath a man’s feet in a quiet moment when he is just trying to read the paper Because first of all a Poet thinks incessantly Her mind working at […]