Stillborn dreams

I have learnt to keep the precious words safe

Wrap them carefully

Put them away

When we bring out that which matters too soon

It is akin to smashing a fragile butterfly cocoon

Leave it longer

Until the wings grow

Let it emerge as it desires

In it’s own sweet time

Of its own accord

Glow with it, become radiant

And let that joy expand to encompass your entire being

But always

Keep your good news tucked inside your chest

where it grows behind the wishbone near the heart

let all that you love nourish it

Wombs are for children

but cocoons are for dreams

let them grow there


rocking them to sleep

waking each tiny seed with the sun

holding them gently

away from everyone

Until their time to rise, has come

*Header image – unique AI art generated by me. Loving the process of matching poetry and art.

7 thoughts on “Stillborn dreams

  1. ‘wombs are for children, cocoons are for dreams’; wonderful and your poem extends the metaphor cleverly; simple and radiant —

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