The silence that shatters

Some words just want to be told

I let them fall as they arise



How could a sentence write itself without me thinking it into being?

Can you bypass the mind

Like a city that takes too much time to navigate, so we simply go around it

Avoiding all those tiresome traffic lights, side streets and congestion

But can it write itself

Falling just so

Without any sort of attention to detail?


Because words come not from the mind but outside of it

They alight like sparks to illuminate a thought

This tile is cold beneath my palm

And the words arrive to tell me what I already knew

Sometimes I wonder what the point of them is in that case

But then I look at you, needing to tell me

And me needing to hear

And the words have gone missing

And I’m deaf in my ears

Silence has shattered us

The words have disappeared 





To be clear

*Communication is so very important. Ambiguity leads to assumptions, and assumptions left to run can be ruinous to relationships. That said, good communication takes time and energy – leave the expense for what/who counts.

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