The trouble with sensitive nerves

Needle and thread



Pain to the brain

Nerve endings

What is felt in the foot

When we step on something sharp

Is only felt in the brain


Because of nerve endings


Sensations can be severed

We think psychic pain

Is caused by other people

That pain

Lives in the things that “they” do


Pain never lives in them

Never stems from

Another bloom

It resides in you


*a paralysed person can hold their foot in the fire because the nerve connection between foot and brain is broken

And pain is always felt in the brain even if it seems to stem from somewhere else – the hand, the foot, etc, which is by design of course and how pain killers work

They work on the brain

A person who is interested in growth can access a state of calm more quickly, knowing that their own thoughts are the source of their pain

So they work on their brain

Not other people

Living without “pain killers” like alcohol, tobacco, distractions and buffering can at first compound the difficulty

But in the end life does become much easier without

Because you get used to dealing directly with the problem

The thought

And then removing the connection (through a process)

I don’t think there is a human alive (though there may be some dead) that truly achieves a sense of lasting peace amongst every day life and living with other people and I don’t think that is the point

I think the point is to try

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