Neither is the better choice


Is a dangerous word


Can be this



Which loads both words

Like a gun





What does that look like?


Or unhealthy





Or wrong

But life’s not like that

Even though our brains

(Which desire clarity and ultimatums and black or white real time tangible answers)

Like it that way

So they constantly try and shove things into a box

Label and ship it to whatever state of consciousness we happen to be in

Feel free not to participate



Leaves no room for negotiation

Take your choice


What do you want?

With a life of extremes

The thing is

When we live in corners

Polar Opposites

When we choose ultimatums

We lose

All the good stuff that is in the middle


Is a much better word

I like it

It makes sense

Good and bad

A little bit of both

Not too much either way

A little grey

A little mix

It makes it much easier to pick my way

From moment to moment

To spread out

And take it all into consideration



Nothing is perfect

One thought on “Neither is the better choice

  1. I feel often your posts are directed at me. Or I get you thinking about things perhaps. Interestingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about these concepts in the last year. Almost constantly. Can you be tolerant of intolerance? Authoritarianism? How long? Probably too long. Extremists count on moderates to be moderate while they systematically thug their way to power. It’s how we moderates got where we are now in this country. Just kept turning the other cheek and putting up with totalitarian thought in all our universities. You can’t use racism to fight racism, but they are. “All you need for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” Be moderate? Edmunde Burke. Which is just how Hitler took over Germany. Stalin in Russia. They’ve already shut down free speech. That’s the big key right there. Obviously Donald Trump did nothing of the sort. Nobody got worse press than Donald Trump. Ever. they were allowed to accuse him of treason and more without evidence for four years on every news channel, including Fox News. Any dissent from this culture war has been “hate speech” for a while on campuses and elsewhere. And even protested by quite a few prominent liberals. It’s all relative and it depends totally on circumstances how “moderate” one can remain. Freedom is disappearing fast here in this country. Shockinglly fast. When free speech is curtailed, in every country it is, it results in violence. A black police chief in Virginia was jsut fired for prosecuting 14 rioters for destroying her city. But we are not allowed to speak. We did the easier thing all the time, underestimating how dangerous these fanatics are. And to what depths they will sink. And we moderates wish it weren’t so. Joe Biden had to sell his soul to the socialist mob, and we think it won’t be long before, if he refuses to comply, he will suddenly be guilty of corruption in Ukraine and China. We’ll see. They’ve finally awakened a sleeping moderate conservative giant. Who never should have slept that long. Moderation is a virtue sometimes, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes it’s just cowardice. Or an excuse to stand for nothing. Sorry if I’m taking this out on you. I’m just venting and angry at myself for being moderate this long.

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