The dance of Qui

What does the ceiling fan see

As it turns

In that most desultory of fashions of an evening

Looking down

Reflected in the mirror

Soft brush of peacock feather

Shivers in the draft

And the carpet fibres slowly stand back up

Following the damp tread of feet

Across their surface

Curtain recedes and lifts as the

Human shoulder

Touches it

So gently

As it passes

And the roof above ticks

And expands with heat

Groans in the wind

And stretches sighing comfortably

Where is the flaccid energy

Of the dust motes beneath the bed

And the speaking of a clock

That whispers

Time is passing

To the lamp that doesn’t care

For its metal angled body will live for a thousand years

Somewhere in a landfill out there

Long after

This moment

In here


*I have always been interested in Feng Shui. For the magazine this month I had my home professionally audited. The results were so surprising, and also not.


I have always felt the energy of certain rooms and naturally avoided them, yet we built this home and it’s beautiful, why would I avoid certain, perfectly good areas? Now I know.

The layers and energies of our homes are so intricate. I have already shifted my Audacity/ATBOP HQ around to take advantage of the strong qui energy here in my personal office.

Another funny side note – my blog is very aptly named. It stemmed from this room which was formerly the boys rumpus room.

When they moved out I took it over because I have a lot of interests that take up space. Photography, essential oils, books, motorbike gear, camping gear and then eventually my writing and computer.

This room is all about paper energy – Athousandbitsofpaper was a great name, it came from seemingly out of thin air

Thin air full of qui

And paper energy

Another thing that made sense was the bad qui energy in the main bathroom that extends into my youngest sons bedroom.

It’s funny, Pat was always wanting to move out of that room. He wanted to swap with the guest bedroom which didn’t make sense as it’s smaller and it was way too much trouble, so I would say no.

When Pat left school he left home almost immediately. We were a bit devastated, as a close family we couldn’t work out why he was so keen to take off.

It was that damn bedroom.

Light, airy innocuous to the naked eye but obviously the unseen energy was terrible. I wish I had the time over now and I would instantly move him into another room.

The eyes don’t see everything but the body does

Okay so that’s in the magazine which will publish Tuesday and I will have all the details of where your can find Jan and since she did my entire audit via zoom and by using the floor plans and docs I supplied, I’m sure she could do the same for anyone, anywhere.

8 thoughts on “The dance of Qui

  1. I find Feng Shui interesting, but I’ve never had my home professionally checked out. We also bring our own energy to the spaces we inhabit, so your son’s early departure from home may have had nothing to do with his room.

  2. Oh great post, interesting too about your son and the energy in that room, now makes me wonder about some of our rooms…thanks for sharing ❤️

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