Fear makes fools of us all in the end

In the undergrowth

A beetle squirms

A bird pounces

And all that is life and death in the microcosm passes

I walk on

Feeling the shadow beyond

Fleeting are the moments

My time is becoming

Immeasurably priceless

*So much to do, why on earth did I spend so much time not doing what I wanted to do?

Fear makes fools of us all

Header photo are the soaring trusses of the new Muckadilla pub – I did an update on building progress in the latest issue of the magazine (publishing 1pm tomorrow, heads up for the subscribers)

Owners Marty and Christy are even more determined to chase their dreams after Marty suffered (and luckily recovered from) a heart attack this last month.

They’re only young – my age? I think of myself young, probably always will

The thing is – nothing is guaranteed – chase your dreams

12 thoughts on “Fear makes fools of us all in the end

    • I seem to be surrounded with people having health shocks around the same age as me at the moment – makes me eat my bananas and exercise madly but in the end…you can drop dead running I guess, luck of the draw, live each day and all that. Yes! Audacity will appear in everyone’s inbox around 1pm – I always walk around with a smug smile of “doneness” (nope not a word, but a definite feeling) on publishing’s day. 😁

      • Yes, when your number is up, it’s up, I guess.
        Just read it!!! Another great production!! Well done to you! 🙂 Bask, deservedly, in the pool of doneness 🙂

      • Haha Thankyou Colin your support is wonderful, I will add it to my melting pool of doneness – so hot here at the moment – sweltering doesn’t cover it, might just have to make up more words for that too. 🥵

    • The magazine is in a holding pattern with mail chimp because it reckons the ideal time is 1pm (my time) so I’m letting it do that as I don’t have access to all the data, feels weird to publish in the middle of the day but perhaps the majority of my readers are internationals I wouldn’t know 😊feels so good to get another on out into the world, I am already working on issue 5 though so no rest for the writer (we must be very wicked) 😁

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