The evolution of souls


Born to grow

We mistake out containers

For leaves

Instead it is our spirit

That evolves

Designed to expand

Consciousness searches for light

Taking satisfying bites out of the thoughts and ideas around us

Fed properly, the spirit does not decompose

Instead it continues to grow

Shimmering on a hot afternoon

Whispering on the breeze

Drifting seeds

To enter into new wombs

And live on

Humans are designed to grow our consciousness, surely. Sometimes I am so excited by fresh knowledge that I literally feel my brain expanding like bamboo receiving water – shooting upwards

It is a pity that modern life sees a plethora of distractions, draining, sucking the attention away from growth and towards atrophy instead

I’ve lost two pot plants this week

The heat?

Nope, I forgot they need more water then the others

Poor little things

I know how they feel, if I didn’t have books

I would wither

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