I quite like the small format of Twitter which forces me to condense my poetry. A couple I quite like, included belo.

I’m pretty hopeless on Twitter as I don’t really get into long conversations and am far too random and intermittent with my check ins…but I do like the small format poetry, will try and do some more when I can.

5 thoughts on “Twitterings

  1. I love both of these, Kate~including the beautiful “look” of the poems and format. I tried Twitter and stopped. If I had more time I think it would be my media of choice these days! I’m glad you’re there. ♥️❤️💚☘️

    • Thanks Karla, Twitter is a brief flutter through for me these days, there are some lovely poets and thought painters on there but also a lot of inane bothering types of thing. I wander in and wander out quite quickly – let me know if you open an account so I can find you. 💕

      • You’re so welcome my friend. I appreciate you so much, Kate. I often think of you and remember you in my prayers. I tend to wander in and out. If I do decide to use it I will for sure let you know. Sending love and hugs from SW MO. 💚🤍🤗

  2. I like the short format as well! I participated in #vss365 the daily “very short story” prompt during 2020 and published a book based on that. Similarly I did the #poetryin13 (13 word poetry prompt) that year which led to my “Thirteen Words” collection. I’m now exploring with longer formats, but I still enjoy the short stuff and how impactful it can be.

    • So that’s what VSS365 stands for..clueless. It’s been great for your output Monty – can’t overthink with a short format or over explain – great for distillation and therefore as you say, impact!

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