Anno Domini 2022

What relevance is religion in the year of our Lord 2022? Oh my God, what if? What if my God? Two completely different questions, asked from a completely different emotional standpoint One is panicked and frightened , more a rhetorical question then anything The other a gentle query, uttered with steady faith, a peaceful heart, […]

Songs from the heart

It’s Sunday morning and I’m lying in a sunbeam in my bed So many things to do today are roaming around my head Their footsteps are loud, urgent, pacing and it sets my heart to racing, I am almost about to rise When a Butcher birds song cuts through the glass door, cuts through the […]


Turning the mind to face itself Making a decision that I can live with One thing I’ve learnt is There is no up or down Negative Positive It’s all one direction Forward And I’ll deal with the consequences as they arise It’s called living an autonomous life *in supporting someone I love through a difficult […]