Memories like these

Sparkling lights of a Ferris wheel

Carry me up so high

Over the trees

A vast ocean breathes

As I turn on this circle in the sky

The cage that holds me gently sways

My cheeks are sore from smiling

Dark sky

New moon


Surrounded by those I love


A slide of winter breeze steals around my collar, ruffles our hair

The ground so far below

my stomach does a little dance

As the aroma of salt and brine is carried in on the wind

I feel my mind carefully tracing this moment in time


Never to be forgotten

Our lives, memories interwoven, add another stitch full of brightly coloured dyes

Happiest oh happiest 30th of July

*this harks back to last week-end which I get to enjoy again, over and over in my memory. My family and I, all jammed like sardines in the one Ferris wheel basket soaring into the sky.

We’re laughing on ice cream infused breaths, stomachs extended and replete from belly laughs and a beautiful dinner together

Everything is perfect

For a moment and nothing lasts, I know that

It’s been such a crappy week for so many reasons since then – sure, there have been bright spots and I always find them, but there have also been too many times when I had that sinking stomach feeling

Which reminds me of the Ferris wheel. Life is constantly in motion. We feel its seasons but also all of our emotions, shifting and sifting, restlessly turning from one thing into another – up, down

The only way to maintain equilibrium? Wait for the next turn around

And don’t look down


(Well it rhymed, plus it is true) we choose where we look, and where we look is where we go. Stars are prettier than the ground and they remind us, we are just small things really.

Header photo:Why don’t photos ever look as close and beautiful as the real thing? Anyway, you can see the Ferris wheel, which magically arrived in time for my birthday. It’s not fixed and will move on which made it being there such a wonderful surprise from the universe.

I’m standing on our balcony, it’s Friday afternoon and I can hear the sound of Pat’s V8 cruiser coming as I take the shot. My heart is doing happy little flip flops.

And every time I see this photo that moment comes alive. Which is why I take photos all the time, and then when I flick through my phone I’m reminded. It’s the same with my poetry blog posts – I flick back and feel the words unravel emotions into memory.

Our lives are worth recording – even if it is only us who enjoys them later. Especially if it is us. Our memories are a little glitchy, photos help nail down those ephemeral moments and capture them right here – where we can open them. Anytime.


17 thoughts on “Memories like these

  1. Your words are just beautiful, Kate. You have an excellent way of expressing yourself and those things around you. I love the photo – I can see the Ferris wheel in the distance but am fascinated by the trees there and the buildings. I’m wondering where you are in the world; however, you don’t have to divulge that if you’d rather not. Some things are personal, I know. I agree with you about memories. They can fade, alter and even be forgotten in the passage of time. It’s a lovely idea to take so many photos – they will always be there and will never change – you will be looking at the whole ‘picture’ or the truth. I must take a leaf out of your book and start taking more photos myself, too. Thanks for sharing. Ellie X 🌹🕊🌞

    • So kind Ellie, thanks for reading, yes, it’s vital to take photos and write poetry and keep a journal. I find my record keeping such a good reminder, so much can happen in a year that I feel it blurr together if I don’t keep some special talismans to say to myself, I have loved and lived here and here and here. It also reminds me to do more, dream bigger if my reminders are becoming to spread out or beige coloured. X

      • That’s such a good idea and good advice, Kate. Thanks for explaining your thoughts behind your photos and writing. I might just take a leaf out of your book and start taking more photos when something appeals or is important. Thank you for the tip. X

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