Songs from the heart

It’s Sunday morning and I’m lying in a sunbeam in my bed

So many things to do today are roaming around my head

Their footsteps are loud, urgent, pacing and it sets my heart to racing, I am almost about to rise

When a Butcher birds song cuts through the glass door, cuts through the roof, cuts through my pillow, my thoughts

She is so close I could touch her but for the window between us

And the sound that is stemming from her small feathered throat is startling

The tune, I have heard it many times in my life as I have always paid attention, tuned in to the wildlife

But this time I am wondering, why does she sing?

What are her words, what are her feelings, where has she been?

That this poignant tale comes rollicking out of her being with such emotive substance and clout

What is she singing?

Is it pain, is it solace, is it an ode to a tree?

Is it born out of her love for the sky or her comfort in leaves?

Does she hark to the season, the bitter icy ground, evaporating in the sunlight as it warmly shines down?

Is she missing her loved ones, they’ve grown and flown free?

Is she simply a soul that is singing to me?

And that, of all these questions, I settle upon as truth.

I wish I could return her song to her with a flute that I don’t play anymore because I haven’t the time

But I will find it

Because playing music is one of those many things I’ve set aside

In order to live this crazy life

That is full of things

Which stop me from singing

Opening my throat every morning to the sun and letting my music pour out on everyone

I hope

Poetry counts, as an internal song sung

*And this one is for my small feathered friend – who once she was done, flew away again. She didn’t wait for applause, or to do a summary edit. She just sang her skilful song and left it to wash over me like a benediction.

Unrefined consumption is so much better for us. Processed food, processed media, processed content causes sickness and strife, which is why natural and nature are so healing.

This post is a simple song to set your hearts free and all the crass rhyming which should be edited out, is a little bit of fun that I hope touches you warmly – and makes you smile. Have a lovely day 🕊💕✨I’m off and about in the winter sunshine X

14 thoughts on “Songs from the heart

  1. (Googles Butcher Bird Song). Neat. Completely new to me. My wife and daughter are both birders so I give a good bit of attention to species and songs. Now it occurs to me that a whole new world sits on your continent.

    • If you googled our butcher bird you would know how they received their macabre moniker Jeff. I’ve always had butcher birds about me. As a child they were the sound soundtrack of my mornings and Dad used to toss meat in the air to a family that would sit along the telephone line In the yard as he cut up chops for breakfast. We haven’t had them in our yard here though for awhile, I’m glad they are back as their song is beautiful but I hope they leave the little Willy Wag tails and wrens in peace. Nature can brutal sometimes.

  2. Such a joyous experience, it made me smile! Maybe I’ll wander over to the wild bird shop and get some sunflower seeds and peanuts. We have blue jays in our pines who are raucous, demanding and just delightful! Thanks for the post!

  3. Hi, Kate, this is really beautiful. I, too, love to listen to the birds and wonder what they are communicating. I once met a little bird on the coast of Big Sur, California, who chirped nonstop as I stood in front of him snapping photos. That was a day or so before one of the biggest flooding/land slide events that part of the country had seen. I truly believe the little guy was trying to warn me to get out! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you back again. 🌞

  4. Hi Lisa, it would be much easier if we could understand nature and our fellow wildlife. Perhaps there was a time when we did. We live so separately now, insulated from what is natural. Is it a wonder we fall out of balance with our world?

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