You can’t wrap it up

I can’t find a present just right

My eyes scan


Where is the one thing that holds all I feel

I can’t find it anywhere

So I buy nice things that are “fine”

But they don’t seem just right

And are never enough

Because you can’t wrap up love

Tie a pretty bow

Say “here you go”

And have it be enough

-*I’ve been present shopping for loved ones this week. Man it’s difficult to find just the right thing. Oh I can find things they would like or even need but how do you convey all that feeling. Well the short answer that I promptly arrived at was you can’t, and that is not the point of gift giving in an over-commercialised world.

Of course you can’t pour yourself into things, and we shouldn’t try despite the marketing hype and advertising that tries to get us to think that way.

I didn’t realise that is what I was trying to do, I was hooked on the pre Christmas pandemonium too.

And then I began again. Asking “what would he like, need, want, without trying to find something to pour all of my love into.

Because we can’t wrap up love and deliver it. Perhaps in writing the words in the card, but they are never enough either.

I’ll put the love into the way I cook our food, I’ll put the love into my hugs, into my laughter, in the across the board game banter, but I can only put thoughts into presents

Because love can’t live and breathe in things, only in human beings.

And making this connection will make it easier, to simply buy lovely presents that make people smile and are useful, without the pressure to find that “perfect unicorn” which does not exist

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Funny to think about the weather and temperatures all around the world – yet we are all still shopping for the same event!

Header photo was a snap I took of the sky pre dawn on my way to get Hogan for our walk. I love how in summer we can get cracking so early – I think it was about 4.30 and I had already been around to my sons at 3.30am (he had an early mark with another contractor this morning) to dress his arm, but that’s another story. Been a bit of a week of hills. Not to worry, will no doubt be walking on the down slope soon 😊

11 thoughts on “You can’t wrap it up

  1. I used to ponder how strange it must be in your hemisphere to have summer at Christmas time, but we’ve had so many summers bouncing into the 70s (20s C) of late that I no longer associate a particular temperature with Christmas. I rather like those super warm days in late December. I feel like I’m sneaking past winter knowing that I only have 3 months until spring.

  2. Extraordinary photo.
    My wife and I traditionally buy each other shoes at the Boxing Day sale. It’s the next best thing to walking a mile in each other’s shoes, I guess. Of course the question this year might be ‘thongs or gumboots?’
    Nice poem etc.

  3. Yes!! You can’t wrap it up, Kate! I feel the same way. Across the globe and connected by heart. It’s so soothing and comforting. It sounds like you did wrap up love in a beautiful way (your son~here’s to a speedy recovery). My youngest son had hip surgery,…I hated not being there, but it’s a tug for a Mom now that he’s grown and has a wonderful wife to help him…yet,…I try to wrap it all in my heart and mind. Sending love and hugs always! 💕💚

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