Summer is here

Heat builds beneath a saucepan lid sky

Mirage shimmers round the edges where the grass is dry

Summer arrived so sharply

Sweat cuts riveluttes of cleaner skin down his dark face

I pass a cold drink, and wish I could do more

*It’s always the same. Summer scorches the men’s skin, turning them black over the course of a week of searing temperatures.

I work in airconditioning, and feel guilty

Two weeks left and then the beach and holidays – it can’t come quick enough!

11 thoughts on “Summer is here

    • Isn’t it mad how we are all heading into Christmas in utterly different temperatures and weathers. We will be by the beach eating salads and you will be perhaps by a fire watching snow. I prefer the heat to the cold so I don’t envy you Colin.

      • It is strange. I have spent Christmas in hot climates, even Australia one year, and while I enjoyed all thoroughly, I think my mind still carried too many associations of Christmas and cold haha. Funny how our childhood conditioning never really escapes us!

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