I stepped out into the open arms of a fan forced fridge this morning

Icy cheeks


Freezing my fingertips until they hurt

I tramp my legs to keep them warm

Heading out into the thin orange glow of sunrise

Winter is here

My 50th one

Aren’t I lucky, so many aren’t

* we know winter is coming and yet when it arrives with icy southerly winds blowing, we are shocked anew at how cold it is. And it isn’t even cold yet – we haven’t hit anything in the minuses – just low single digits.

My dog dosn’t seem to care about the cold and runs down the road happily in front of me, on what surely must be icy toes.

The seasons and the weather have changed for me in the last few years. I’ve realised that each day is precious, that none will come again. And so, no matter what climate or state I awake into – it’s special, perfect, just as it is.

Crikeys it is cold though! I had quite forgotten how from fresh and bracing winter truly is.

Have a lovely special day! Oh and it’s not my birthday or anything, just the winter of my 50th year here earth side. So many people don’t make it to 50, and some that so don’t make it to here with their health intact – I’m deeply grateful that I have.

14 thoughts on “Winter

  1. I feel your pain! Thankfully, over here Winter has finally disappeared and the trees are celebrating the return of Summer! 😉 Stay warm, stay well! 🙏😊

  2. it’s damn cold down here, Kate; but one thing gets me — and your fan-forced fridge prompted this — the jet towels in the toilets blow icy air onto your hands; brrrrr; that’s not going to encourage people to wash their hands —

    • No it is not! Warm air on the other hand and I would be hogging it 😊 a return to paper dispenser everywhere is surely a good idea – they can use recycled paper and a pump of sanitiser in the way out perhaps. Where are you John? South of me obviously as that is where all this cold air is coming from.

  3. Ughhh… winter is the season I dread. I just don’t like the cold. Stay warm Kate… I’m living my 51st year of spring and fortunately this is my favorite season. Sending you the warmth of spring. ☀️🌷🌱

    • Lovely thanks Michelle I’ll take it 💕luckily here by 10am its fresh and sunny and beautiful though the sneaky breeze is a slap when I walk around the South end of the building 😊

      • Well, hopefully you have a warm fire and some hot chocolate to come home to as well. 😉

  4. Hope you don’t get an exceptionally cold winter as we did here in California. You’re right about being grateful for fifty years of living. I’ve lost close friends who died unexpectedly in their thirties and forties.

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