In the mirror the sunset glows I imagine it feels better than reflecting faces Traces of humanity That stare Within its countenance Looking for answers Sighing Bemoaning another wrinkle How simple Instead To just reflect The sunset *walked past my mirror the other day at sunset – stunning colours of the scenery outside. Not me […]

Untied ends

The mundane is wordless Breathless The doldrum sea Quiet Tracking up Tracking down Loading rocks A leaf skitters past on the breeze Drop the rocks into the basket The dust rising Clinging to sweat along my arms Running rivulets down my spine Load the rocks Drop the rocks Turn Bird song Lizard scrambles A plane […]

Soul sleeping

Who are you when you’re still asleep Before you open your eyes Have those first drifting thoughts? Because that’s who you are when you die Before you were born In a million years from now You will live on In another sleeping skin A soul adrift Externally morphing Blooming from within Unfurling eternally As a […]