In the mirror the sunset glows

I imagine it feels better than reflecting faces

Traces of humanity

That stare

Within its countenance

Looking for answers


Bemoaning another wrinkle

How simple


To just reflect

The sunset

*walked past my mirror the other day at sunset – stunning colours of the scenery outside. Not me – I wasn’t in the picture at all.

I thought it must be rather nice for it to be reflecting such beauty for a change 😉

Header photo: I can’t think of the name of this dam. My youngest son and I visited for a week-end – camping and fishing. He got some kilometres up on his learners license log book (they have to do 100 hours supervised driving – it’s 200 now I think) it was such a lovely time.

5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Every time I pass a mirror, I keep asking who is the fairest of them all and it keeps replying ‘ dream on ‘. The sunset reflecting in the mirror sounds like a beautiful sight.

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