The Experiencer

I have always been here


Before I was born?

I’m not sure

But since then



Is a place in my consciousness

That I cannot see in the mirror

No one can

Instead we see a reflection





Has lived all along

And may even be there

When my body is gone

Who would know?

If It can’t be seen now

Who can say it ever truly goes


It never does

Header photo – a girl in Brisbane snapped a while ago – I loved her whimsical bow.

5 thoughts on “The Experiencer

    • Haha – well according to a psychic I’ve been a tomb painter/artist in Egypt, a doctors wife and according to a dream I had years ago that is still incredibly fresh – the wife of an emperor. It was above a battlefield and I was advising against war. I had the experience the day I wrote this poem of that part of us which is ageless and eternal. Who have you been Len?

  1. I love the philosophical theme of consciousness (I), identity and past lives. Very spiritual and filled with wonder.

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