Untied ends

The mundane is wordless


The doldrum sea


Tracking up

Tracking down

Loading rocks

A leaf skitters past on the breeze

Drop the rocks into the basket

The dust rising

Clinging to sweat along my arms

Running rivulets down my spine

Load the rocks

Drop the rocks


Bird song

Lizard scrambles

A plane cutting through blue sky

Above me the trees creak

And sigh

There is a boundless awareness

Unbroken by the habitual withdrawals of attention and time

Life spreads out all around

Receding into the noon day shadows

Returning on the breeze

The song of birds relieves

The almost hypnotic stillness

Breathe, live and feel the untied ends of my own mortality

Pray, watching them run away into the distance

Far into the distance

Where I cannot see around the bend

Living in the moment

Not thinking

About all those untied ends

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