Steering with empty hands

Full moon

Wolf moon

Howling moon




Pulling and gathering and emptying

A wave that slides

Cutting through the ocean

Carrying emotions

Karma washing from the souls that bathe beneath

Emerging clean once again

Years in arriving it seems to me

Yet to the great unfathomable energy

Time is just a drop of rain

Coming too late

Too early

For we who wait looking at the sky

Wondering why

And never knowing


Who think in periods



When we should be measuring




Life spans hung to dry

Pegged carefully along our timelines





We think we have control

Over at least this moment as it passes by

But it is passing everyone

At the same speed

How can this outcome

Be yours

When it is theirs too?

Is theirs a lie

Yours the truth?

We own nothing

Steering with empty hands

As transient as the sand

Flying from this towel

As I shake it

*I always research moons – this one is an odd one – a lunar eclipse. I usually use Virginia Rosenbergs site to look at moons and astrology – her writing resonates – you can find her article about this moon here

6 thoughts on “Steering with empty hands

  1. I dont know why but this made me feel like it was being told from a were wolfs perspective. I could see them writing stuff down about the moon it put a powerful image in my head well done.

  2. I’ve felt a strong connection to the moon for many years. A co worker and I have been discussing the power of this particular moon. It’s a doosy! Control is such an illusion 😉

  3. The different phases of the moon and the other various astronomical events involving the moon fascinate me. I believe it stems from a chaotic childhood that left me with the moon’s face in my window all those sleepless nights and thinking that face was the only friend I had.

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