Breaks and thinking time

I don’t mind growing older

On mornings when my hands are covered in garden soil

My feet wet with dew

And I’m laughing at the dogs

Chasing each other

I don’t mind getting older

On days when I’m busy

And have hardly checked the mirror

I’m not thinking of wrinkles

Or lines

Or grey hairs

I have no time for all that nonsense

I don’t mind getting older

On days when I’m writing

And the rain is drifting down

The tea in my mug is hot growing colder

As I lose myself in a plot

Of my own devising

It’s exciting

I don’t mind getting older

In the long stretch of summer evenings

When apricot turns into pink turns into indigo

And the crickets are so loud

I wonder what they are singing about

I don’t mind getting older

When I ride in the wind

The smells of the earth mixing intoxicating scents that play upon my senses

Where every heart beat feels God sent

And the bitumen hums with the sound of the wheels

Turning around and around

I don’t mind getting older

In fact I like it

The world is a far less aggressive place these days

I’ve found my peace

My solace

The emotions that come in waves

And leave again

I am not as caught up in them as I once was

There are tools and buffers, tricks of this human trade

I’ve learnt to use

When you realise how many troubles are actually self made

Delivered out of ones own brain

Which has an endless capacity for vexation

If allowed to persist


We can simply exist

In this space between this breath and that

Sliding on a hat

Putting down the phone

And walking out the door

Into our lives

That are so much more

Then the devices and screens that surround us

18 thoughts on “Breaks and thinking time

    • That’s what yoga is for Ray 🙂 keeps me flexible and healthy …..allow me the optimism of earlier times so I may look back and scoff at myself further down the road ….as I do now and then

      • I was a great athlete when I was your age. Things like osteoarthritis don’t care how flexible you where when younger. It attacks the parts of the muscular system that you used the most. If you’d like optimism, work not only on being flexible, but keeping the fluid in your knees, hips and spine, wet and thick as you can. There are all sorts of OTC meds that can help with that BEFORE problems start.

  1. The world is far less aggressive and many troubles are self made 🙂 So true, so very true. I’m reading Gabby Bernstein’s latest book, and brushing up on the truth’s that I believe and so easily forget in the daily grind. (Abraham Hicks, The Course in Miracles, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle) The truth is always there, just beneath the surface. It never stops whispering our names.

  2. Inspired and beautiful words – strangely I felt very old when I came out of my last job – but also found yoga which has probably made me feel fitter than I ever was, even when I was fit – and that wasn’t yesterday. The numbers are mounting up for me but my family tell me I can’t have the time to get old so will have to do that some time in the future. Kind of looking forward to it as, in theory, everything will be fixed, stable and good then.

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