Reeling in Dreams

Visualise forward

Appreciate backwards

Stand in the moment

And let life flow around your feet

The tide rolls in

The tide rolls out

Let it take what it wants

Keep your eyes front

and fixed

on the horizon

Your ship will come in




Deeply breathing


Watch those ships

Come floating

White sails furling drifting streaming

Born on a wishing wind

They cannot miss

Like fish attached to your line

reel them in

Fierce gaze







Pull them

Faster and faster

With practice comes the demand

The command

They will come

To do your bidding

They cannot miss you

They are of you

Flesh and bone

You have built them from parts of your soul

Scouting ahead

Further then you can see

Yet not further than your belief

For you can believe

Ten lifetimes forward at least

The waves crash

A sail appears

It jumps the waves

Lightly skimming it arrives

Silvery wet and shimmering

Still attached 

To the umbilical cord of your dreaming

A bit of a dreamy poem sprung from a meditation which fell into my mind during yoga practice this morning.

I have always been a dreamer – always – and was frequently admonished  for it as a child. No more. I dream powerfully these days.  I dream far out ahead of myself and I clip on lines to those beautiful dream ships whilst they are still at sea and far away from sight of land. Then I bring them to shore.

I wish I could teach some of those I love how to do it but I know, I read a tonne of books on it years ago and other people’s ideas didn’t work for me. I had to form my own method of making dreams come true.

As does everyone.

And we can only help others by dreaming our own dreams – we cannot dream theirs for them.

They have to do it themselves.

I have found that women are the worst at bringing in dreams. I was. I thought it was selfish to dream for myself – I kept dropping my own dream lines and running off to check on others – help them bring theirs home only to return to find my ship had sailed off – unanchored, it had drifted.

I have talked to the bitter, the ones that let their dreams die and blamed others. I don’t want to end up like that. I have talked to others – anxious because time seems to be slipping away and they have so many dreams. There are always ships, there is always time. But start now. For there is always now available to you.

Pick what what you want – the ocean is vast. Clip on and bring your dreams home. 

About the media:

The header photo is of some of the Twelve Apostles. An iconic rock formation in Victoria Australia and one of my dreamy dream ship places which I visited  with my husband this month.

The video is over the other side of the scene.

The location feels wild. The weather, early morning hour and gusting wind making it even more so.

The coastline is called the Shipwreck Coast due to the large amount of shipwrecks which have historically run aground and been lost here.

A nice little metaphorical irony to my dream ship poem ๐Ÿ˜‰

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