In the beginning there was a thousand bits of paper

At school I had to write things down in order to remember them, otherwise the knowledge would scatter into a blur of not quite held together logic that didn’t make a whole lot of sense when it came to recall it at exam time. Journalling this year has reminded me of the importance of nailing ideas and thoughts down as I have them.

A thousand bits of paper, in its blog form is broadening those internal conversations to include other readers who might be interested or thinking about the same sorts of things. It is not intended to replace my journal  but rather the A4 notebook that runs beside it. This blog is where I can explore ideas and throw other media into the mix which reinforces some of what interests me and what I have learnt about myself, other people or the world in general.

In short I am writing the blog I wish to read.

We are all connected and here for the same reason. To grow. A lot of what I’m discussing here is not revelatory – these are topics we may have all thought of at some time or other because we’ve read the same books or lived a life along similar lines and lessons. Reading and learning is high on my priority list – always has been and by making it so I have been able to make big changes in who I am and how I see the world around me.

This blog isn’t for everyone, no blog ever is but if it lights a spark of interest in a few people so that they enter a library and take out a book or go googling a topic further and become a more informed person because of that – then my aim is accomplished. A blog is a platform not a solution. I’m a writer who is interested in a subject but far from a professional in any of the areas that I discuss here. 


As in life – this blog is an organic process. In a decades time I hope I can look back and see where I’ve grown along the way. I hope that in doing this I’m also leaving an indelible link of myself here that my kids can go look at in years to come whether I am around to give advice on a topic or not, perhaps even my grandkids can have direct access to the fact that their Grandma was, just as Daddy said – a complete nutter!











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